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subsistence farming -- EncyclopΎdia Britannica"
... peoples throughout the world have traditionally practiced subsistence farming. Some of these peoples moved from ... subsistence farming. form of farming in which nearly all of the ...

Human Threats to Rainforests - Subsistence Activities"
TROPICAL RAINFORESTS. Home. About. Books. Links. Imperilled Riches. SUBSISTENCE ACTIVITIES ... SUBSISTENCE ACTIVITIES. At least 60% of tropical deforestation is caused by subsistence activities on a local ... destroy the forest. This subsistence activity on a local ...

subsistence farming"
Definition of subsistence farming ... subsist'ence farm"ing. 1. farming whose products are intended to provide for the basic needs of the farmer, with little ... See also: subsistence farming (Thesaurus) ...

Subsistence farming"
... Subsistence farming. Farm sizes are from 1 to 2 ha. ... system is generally a food crop farming system. Agricultural production is subsistence in nature for home consumption ...

Subsistence farming (from Asia) -- Britannica Student Encyclopedia"
... agriculture practiced by most farmers is called subsistence farming. The whole family works hard in farming; there are ... subsistence farming. form of farming in which nearly all of the ...

Countries of the World: Tanzania: Chapter 4B. Subsistence Farming@ HighBeam Research"
... Tanzania: Chapter 4B. Subsistence Farming. "Read the Full Article, get a FREE TRIAL ... Chapter 4B. Subsistence Farming. Although villagization has introduced communal farming in varying ...

Subsistence Farming Definition - Free Online Dictionary:"
Definition of subsistence farming. Noun 1. subsistence farming - farming that provides for the basic needs of...Find thousands of free online definitions & reference guides at

Rabbit project development strategies in subsistence farming systems"
... Rabbit project development strategies in subsistence farming systems ... on the lives of the majority of subsistence, limited-resource rural and periurban populations has contributed ...

... WEST AFRICA'S SUBSISTENCE FARMING. Henk Breman ... West Africa's Subsistence Farming. West Africa's subsistence farming ...

Farm Ecology"
FARM ECOLOGY IN THE EARLY REPUBLIC. Chapter Outline. I. Subsistence Versus Market Farming. A. ... Social Relations: Subsistence farming regions exhibit little social stratification and lack economic ... 4. Technologies: Subsistence farming is based on wrought-iron Carey plow and ...

Subsistence farming - Open Encyclopedia"
Article Search: Subsistence farming. Subsistence farming is a mode of agriculture in which a plot of land produces only enough food to feed the family working it.

DR1 Forums - Subsistence Farming/Gardening"
... DR1 Forums > Open > DR Debates. Subsistence Farming/Gardening. User Name ... recall reading that in the early days of the country, such subsistence farming was the norm. ...

Haiti:Result of Petion/Boyer Years (Subsistence Farming)"
... THE RESULT OF THE PETION/BOYER YEARS: SUBSISTENCE FARMING. Bob Corbett ... and allow the nation to move into subsistence farming, has been a disastrous policy which caused great ..."
... Subsistence farming strongly dominates agriculture in West Africa and undermines its ... criteria to distinguish subsistence farming from commercial farming: small ruminants gradually ...

Synonyms of subsistence farming"
... Synonyms for subsistence farming. Noun. 1. subsistence farming, farming, agriculture, husbandry. usage: farming that provides for ...

Chad Subsistence Farming - Flags, Maps, Economy, History, Climate, Natural Resources, Current Issues, International..."
Chad Subsistence Farming - Flags, Maps, Economy, History, Climate, Natural Resources, Current Issues, International Agreements, Population, Social Statistics, Political System, society ... Chad Subsistence Farming. Back to Chad Economy ... Revised 27-Mar-05 ...

Exploring Africa -> Teachers -> Curriculum"
... animals, roots, fruits. Subsistence Farming (producing only enough for family use). Subsistence farming can be divided into three ...

Subsistence Farming System"
Subsistence Farming System. Farmers grow only enough food and fiber for their own needs. Collect fuel and building materials from natural sources. Hardly enter cash economy. Need much human labor. Includes many developing countries

Business, subsistence farming"
... also in this section: The subsistence economy. The subsistence economy. All the visitors' guides, government ... generally about artesanal fishing and subsistence agriculture. ...



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